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If you are living in Switzerland but have worked in the UK and contributed to a UK pension scheme, you maybe wondering what your options are.

SuisseRock is based in Geneva Switzerland and specialise in helping expats and Swiss nationals review their UK pension assets   Thanks to our client recommendations we have grown from strength to strength since SuisseRock was born in 2015.  Whether you are on a short term work contract, have repatriated or are planning to retire in Switzerland it is important for you to explore your options.

Benefits of reviewing your UK Pension

Now that you are no longer resident in the UK there are many benefits available to you such as an International SIPP and QROPS. Establishing which of these two solutions is best suited to your personal needs requires an in-depth review of both your UK pension and personal financial situation.  If you do not have a financial advisor who understands both the UK and Swiss regulation and tax systems please do feel free to contact us and one of our expert advisors will be happy to help you.

Additional benefits include;

  • Choice of relevant currency such as EUR or CHF
  • Consolidation of multiple pension schemes in to one manageable policy
  • Enhanced growth
  • Take advantage of your Final Salary (Defined Benefit) transfer value
  • Take control of your investment and manage your portfolio yourself
  • Invest into investments that offer security and stable returns
  • Reduce your tax liabilities and maximise your income post retirement
  • Take advantage of regular reviews and ensure you are on track to achieve your future retirement goals

Once you are aware of your pension benefits you can then start to put plans in place for your retirement.  In most cases we have found there is usually a significant shortfall between someone’s current income and their projected income post retirement. So we have a number of solutions that allow you to bridge the gap between the two.  These include 2nd pillar buy backs, optional 3rd pillar pensions and other forms of regular and lump sum investments.

Book Your Complimentary UK Pension Review

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