Bespoke To Suit Your Needs

Whatever your goals might be, investing your capital is going to be fundamental to helping you achieve them.  It can be extremely difficult to decide where and how to invest your capital which is why we have simplified the process.

Step One

We need to know what your attitude to risk is and also your appetite for loss.  This is a crucial element to ensure you invest into a portfolio of assets which is suited to your needs and requirements.

Step Two

Once we know your attitude to risk we can then discuss how we plan to allocate, manage and grow your capital.  We offer a range of model portfolios which offer diverse exposure and very low annual fees.  We aim to keep all fees to an absolute minimum to ensure maximum growth for our clients.

What is your investment risk profile?
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Step Three

Once invested we will have regular review meetings with you in order to keep you updated with the performance of your portfolio and discuss any potential changes we wish to make.  Any changes to your portfolio must have your full approval and sign off, so you are always aware how your investment is performing and your allocation.


As we work primarily with the expat community we have developed solutions that are portable which do not have to be closed if you leave Switzerland.  No matter where you live in the world all you will have to do is a simple change of address.  This prevents you being forced to sell your investments, close your account and start all over again.


Our model portfolios are available in multiple currencies in order to avoid any potential and unnecessary FX risk.  These include CHF, EUR, USD and GBP.

Diverse Allocation

Diversification reduces the overall risk within your portfolio and ensures you are not over or under exposed to any one particular sector.  For example our growth portfolio has over 4,000 holdings covering most sectors.

Our Strategic Partners

Our portfolios include exposure to the best and most cost effective strategies available.

Our Growth Portfolio

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Find Out More

If you wish to find out more about how to put your cash reserves to work or are dissatisfied with the performance of an existing portfolio, our team would love to hear from you.  Simply complete your details below and one of our qualified advisors will contact you to schedule a convenient to time to have a call or Teams meeting.