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With interest rates at record highs it is important we ensure our savings are benefitting and keeping up with rising inflation.

Whilst inflation has reduced significantly from its high it is still 4.6% in the UK, 2.4% in the EU and 1.6% in Switzerland.  This information is extremely important as savers need to ensure they are keeping up with inflation and that their savings accounts aren’t losing money/buying power.

With interest rates where they are today, investors do not need to take on unnecessary risks to help their capital grow.  We have a number of different fixed term deposits, structured products and low risk portfolios that can help you grow your capital and improve your future income.

Our stand out fixed term deposit is currently from Lloyds Bank and is available in GBP, USD and EUR.  The only risk to a fixed term deposit is the bank you are saving with which makes them a great solution for our more conservative clients.

Current Rates

Please note that these rates are indication only and are subject to change on a daily basis without notice.

Fixed term deposits should form a part of most portfolios as they provide known, stable and safe returns.  Even our more aggressive clients have some exposure along side their equities holdings in order to reduce risk and improve diversification.

More Information

If you would like to find out more information about our fixed term deposits or need help constructing your investment portfolio then please feel free to contact us.  Simply complete the form below and one of our qualified advisors will contact you.

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