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Open your savings account

Saving on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways of generating growth whilst mitigating market volatility.  We have written many articles on this topic and the majority of SuisseRock clients have a savings plan in place.

No matter what your financial goal maybe, a regular savings plan will compliment your existing portfolios and help you achieve these goals even sooner.

The most common reasons our clients save are for retirement, children’s education and wealth accumulation.


Whilst we are very lucky to benefit from a healthy pension in Switzerland we can not rely solely on this to generate enough income when we retire.  Even if you maximise your second and third pillars you will be faced with a shortfall.  Our clients who live in Europe are not so lucky and also need to focus even more so on their pension shortfall.



For those who have children it is natural that you want to provide them with the very best education to ensure they have the best start in life.  The problem with this is private schools and universities unfortunately cost a small fortune.  Even if you are only just expecting your first child within the next few months you should be planning for their education today.  The sooner you start the more affordable and achievable this financial goal will become.


Wealth Accumulation

This is more common amongst our younger clients as they do not yet have significant wealth behind them but wish to take advantage of their monthly income.  The first step is to pay yourself a fixed amount each month and then spend what is left over.  This approach will ensure you do not get to the end of the month with nothing left in your savings account.


Many savings accounts offer the ability to invest and benefit from positive returns way above inflation.  This is achieved by investing your monthly contributions into a managed portfolio.  We offer advice on managed portfolios for cautious, balanced and growth investors.  If you are not sure what your risk profile is why not take our quick questionnaire and find out what your profile is.  Simply click here.

Benefits Of Our Most Popular Account

Start saving with as little as CHF 280 a month (you can always increase this later).

Invest in a currency that is relevant to you, including CHF, USD, EUR and GBP

Each monthly contribution will be allocated at 100% or more. For larger amounts we increase the allocation to 101% or 102%.

A welcome bonus of up to 600% of the monthly payment to the plan right at the start.

A loyalty bonus based on fund value at the end of the payment term.  This leaves more scope for potential extra gains – the better the plan performs, the bigger the bonus.

Excellent fund choice – You can select from more than 350 funds from world-leading fund managers, on fully discounted terms – and these are direct investment funds, not mirror funds.

Free and simple switching – so you can can switch between sectors and themes as frequently as you decide. And you won’t pay any initial charges from the fund manager, either.

Flexible and accessible – If your circumstances change, even if only after a short while, your plan can change with you – A payment holiday means you can take a break from saving. You can also take withdrawals should you need to, and you can pay in lump sums should you want to.

Easy monitoring means extra reassurance – If you wish, you can view the progress of your plan online, simply and at no cost.

Where To Start

At SuisseRock we are a truly independent advisory which means we have access to the whole market (local and international).  Once we know what your aims and objectives are we are able to advise you on the relevant account and also portfolio to maximise your growth each year.  All you need to do is contact us and speak with one of our advisors and we will take care of the rest.  Simply complete the form below and start putting your capital to work.

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