Retirement/Tax Planning

How to mitigate risk

Webinar – How to mitigate risk when investing

Watch our webinar – How to mitigate risk when investing We have been hosting a number of webinars over the lockdown period as we thought this is a great opportunity to educate investors on our different strategies. Part 2 focusses on Income generating investments that can deliver returns even in a falling market.  These are perfect for pensions and retirement planning. At SuisseRock our focus has always been on capital preservation and as a result we combine investments with significant…

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Review your Final Salary Pension

Final Salary Pensions Soar To New Highs

Transfer Values For Final Salary Pensions Soar To New Highs Final Salary Pensions have been experiencing difficulty for many years due to how expensive they are to run and maintain. However, even more so recently due to the crisis we are all currently facing. With the coronavirus shutdown wreaking havoc on companies and stock markets around the world, the total deficit of the UK’s 5,422 defined-benefit schemes increased to £135.9bn at the end of March, up from £124.6bn at the…

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Open your savings account

Open your savings account Saving on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways of generating growth whilst mitigating market volatility.  We have written many articles on this topic and the majority of SuisseRock clients have a savings plan in place. No matter what your financial goal a regular savings plan will compliment your existing portfolios and help you achieve these goals even sooner. The most common reasons our clients save are retirement, children’s education or simply wealth…

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How much tax relief can you receive while working in Zurich?

How much tax relief can you receive while working in Zurich? Utilising your tax relief is extremely important and can save you a great deal of capital when done correctly. Many expatriates here in Zurich are simply not maximising what is available to them and the main reason for this is because they are unaware of their entitlements. Simply take a few moments to answer the questions below and we will contact you and explain how much essential tax relief…

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Open Your Third Pillar Pension Account

Open Your Third Pillar Pension Account Today What investment offers you a guaranteed return each year regardless of market volatility?  Utilising the Third Pillar Pension is the only investment that offers this due to the fact it is tax deductible.  If you do not currently have a Third Pillar Pension Plan in place you are missing out on essential tax relief. Your Contributions Opening your Third Pillar account allows you to contribute up to 6,768 Swiss Francs and receive income tax…

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