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If you no longer live in the UK and have contributed to a UK pension, the chances are you maybe quite concerned about what impact the UK leaving the EU has had and will continue to have on your pension(s).

With this in mind take control today and establish what your options are by using our simple 3 step process.

Since Brexit we have seen valuations soar by as much as 30% due to the low interest rate environment. Do you know how your UK pension has benefited from these changes?

How To Review Your UK Pension Assets

Reviewing your UK Pension Assets has never been so easy due to our simplified 3 step process.

STEP ONE – Simply download and complete our UK Pension Review document.

STEP TWO – Send your competed form(s) to [email protected].

STEP THREE – Once we have contacted your UK Pension providers and reviewed your benefits we will contact you to organise a convenient time to meet/Zoom with you in order to present our findings.

What will you find out about your pensions?

Whether or not you have a Final Salary or Money Purchase scheme, we are able to contact your providers and request very detailed information from them.  We will establish the following;

  • How your capital is invested
  • At what age can you access your pension
  • What your projected benefits at retirement are
  • Will your spouse receive all or half of your benefits upon your death
  • Can your children benefit upon your death
  • Is your pension frozen and not growing
  • Have you or are you close to exceeding the UK life time allowance
  • What the charges are associated to your scheme
  • How much tax you will pay when you draw upon your pension

To Download our UK Pension Review Document simply complete the form below.

We will then email you with a link to the form. Once we have received your completed form we will contact your pension providers and immediately start the process.

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