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If you now live in the EU but have previously worked in the UK and contributed to a UK pension, you maybe wondering what your options are.  In most cases you can significantly enhance your pension benefits by increasing your future income, reducing future tax liabilities and consolidating multiple pensions into one manageable scheme.

For many of us, our pension funds make up a significant percentage of our overall wealth.  For most individuals their UK pension is only second in value to their property, so ensure you know how your capital is invested and more importantly how much income it will generate for you when you retire.


Whether or not you have a Final Salary or Money Purchase scheme, we are able to contact your providers and request very detailed information from them.  We will establish the following;

  • How your capital is invested
  • At what age can you access your pension
  • What your projected benefits at retirement are
  • Will your spouse receive all or half of your benefits upon your death
  • Is your pension frozen and not growing
  • Have you or are you close to exceeding the UK life time allowance
  • What the charges are associated to your scheme
  • How much tax you will pay when you draw upon your pension


If you are a non UK resident and plan to either never return to the UK or remain offshore for a few years, there can be many benefits of reviewing and transferring your UK pension.  These include the following;

  • Choice of relevant currency such as EUR, CHF or USD
  • Consolidation of multiple pension schemes in to one manageable policy
  • Enhanced growth
  • Take advantage of your Final Salary (Defined Benefit) transfer value
  • Take control of your investment and manage your portfolio yourself
  • Invest into investments that offer security and stable returns
  • Reduce your tax liabilities and maximise your income post retirement
  • Take advantage of regular reviews and ensure you are on track to achieve your future retirement goals

Also once you are aware of your pension benefits you can then start to put plans in place for your retirement.  In most cases we have found there is usually a shortfall between someone’s current income and their projected income in retirement. So we have a number of solutions that allow you to bridge the gap between the two.


The process is very simple.  All you need to do is complete our letter of authority which enables our team to liaise with your pension schemes and find out all of the information we need in order to carry out our complimentary UK pension review.

Once our review is complete we will schedule a meeting or MS Teams call with you to discuss your options.  However, we are confident we will be able to enhance your assets with some of the key benefits listed above.

Simply complete the form below and one of our trained team will contact you and talk you through the process and commence your review.

Further support can be found at the UK Governments support web-site

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