How to mitigate risk

Webinar – How to mitigate risk when investing

Watch our webinar – How to mitigate risk when investing We have been hosting a number of webinars over the lockdown period as we thought this is a great opportunity to educate investors on our different strategies. Part 2 focusses on Income generating investments that can deliver returns even in a falling market.  These are perfect for pensions and retirement planning. At SuisseRock our focus has always been on capital preservation and as a result we combine investments with significant…

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Uncertainty = Opportunity

Uncertainty = Opportunity The month of March was the worst for stock markets since the 2008 financial crisis.  All global markets were deeply impacted with losses as high as 35%.  But what if you could turn the clock back 10 years and take advantage of the bull market that has just come to an abrupt end? We have selected the FTSE100 to illustrate the significance of the recent market sell off and as you can see the past 10 years…

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Caronavirus (COVID 19) Infects Global Markets

Caronavirus (COVID 19) Infects Global Markets At SuisseRock we have been preparing for a downturn for over 6 months now with many of our clients having taken profits, increased cash exposure and allocation to protected assets for a large proportion of their portfolio’s. We were confounded by the continuation of the rally through 2019 and into 2020, with, in our opinion, valuations on most developed market ( with the exclusion of China and some associated Asian markets ) looking unattractive.…

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Free Financial Health Check

Start 2020 as you mean to go on and get your finances off to a positive start by booking your free financial health check. I am sure like everyone else you have been thinking about your new years resolutions and right up there is losing weight, living a healthier life style, quit smoking or drinking etc.  Have you also made organising your finances a priority? At SuisseRock we help our clients create and manage their financial goals and meet with…

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Open your savings account

Open your savings account Saving on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways of generating growth whilst mitigating market volatility.  We have written many articles on this topic and the majority of SuisseRock clients have a savings plan in place. No matter what your financial goal a regular savings plan will compliment your existing portfolios and help you achieve these goals even sooner. The most common reasons our clients save are retirement, children’s education or simply wealth…

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