Global economic volatility means investors are increasingly looking to property opportunities in stable UK markets, where non-traditional areas are offering excellent return potential. Although the economic outlook for the year ahead may be uncertain, past performance has shown steady growth in property investment activity during economic downturns. When coupled with the sustained low interest rate situation and the positive effect that has on mortgage financing possibilities, this can mean good prospects for investment returns. Taking London as an example, while…

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How Much Does it Cost to Study in the UK?

UK tuition fees are frequently under the media spotlight, following price hikes for home students (UK/EU) in recent years and an increase in premium charges for international students. But the overall cost to study in the UK is dependent on many factors, including institution, course, location and funding opportunities, and could in fact be a lot less than the headlines suggest. According to recent figures, the average cost per year to study in the UK at undergraduate level as an international student is…

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If you do one thing with your money in 2016 . . .

  Claer Barrett, FT Money Editor ©Clare Mallison January is a time for resolutions, making a fresh start and trying to avoid the bad habits of the past. A shortlived diet or a miserable week forgoing alcohol are the typical consequences. When it comes to our finances, how to gain pounds rather than lose them is the goal — but a long-term solution is needed for optimum health. Yet even those working in the financial services industry are often guilty…

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