What returns did you receive on your savings last year?

With interest rates so low it has never been more important to maximise your savings to ensure they are working hard for you. Working in Switzerland we all enjoy a healthy income and as a result tend accumulate this capital in our UBS or Credit Suisse accounts.

This would be great if they offered 2-3% returns, which would allow you to compound your growth while living and working in Switzerland.  Unfortunately, as well all know this is not the case.

At SuisseRock we help and advise our clients find ways to save capital on a regular or annual basis while generating positive returns in the process.  To give you an example last year many of our conservative clients benefited from returns of 5.55% and we are confident they will have similar returns in 2017.

If you are un happy with the level of service and returns you receive from your bank then why not contact us and book your complimentary Financial Wealth Check.  You will get to meet with one of our partners and discuss you own individual financial situation.  Once we know what exactly you are trying to achieve and your attitude to risk we can advise you on solutions that are bespoke to you.  You can also establish your own attitude to risk by completing our online questionnaire by clicking the link to the right of this page.

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