Reduce your Swiss taxes

Utilising your tax relief while working in Switzerland is extremely important and can save you a great deal of capital when done correctly. Many expatriates are simply not maximising what is available to them and the main reason for this is because they are unaware of their entitlements.

How can I reduce my taxes?

There are many ways of reducing your tax liabilities and seeking professional advice could end up saving you thousands of Swiss Francs.  We have listed just a few ways below;

  • Buying back years in your second pillar pension
  • Maximising contributions to your Third Pillar A
  • Maximising your contributions to your Third Pillar B (If you are resident in Geneva)
  • Filing a tax return even if you are a Permit B holder and taxed at source
  • Maximising potential deductions such as travel and your children’s education costs

How much does it cost?

Another reason why people do not seek tax advice is due to the misconception that the process is costly.  This is not always the case.  At SuisseRock our advice is completely complimentary and should we establish that filing a tax return is in fact in your favour our fee is minimal.

How can I contact an advisor?

We have made this process as simple as possible.  Below you will find a pre populated form. Simply answer the questions, leave your contact information and we will do the rest.

We will review your answers and should we believe we can help you, one of our trained advisors will contact you in order to schedule a convenient time to meet with you.

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