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Open Your Third Pillar Pension Account Today

What investment offers you a guaranteed return each year regardless of market volatility?  Utilising the Third Pillar Pension is the only investment that offers this due to the fact it is tax deductible.  If you do not currently have a Third Pillar Pension Plan in place you are missing out on essential tax relief.

Your Contributions

Opening your Third Pillar account allows you to contribute up to 6,768 Swiss Francs and receive income tax relief on this amount.  If you live in the Canton of Geneva you are also eligible to maximise your Third Pillar B and again receive income tax relief on these contributions.  If you are a single individual in Geneva you are able to contribute an additional 2,200 Swiss Francs and if you are Married you are able to contribute 3,300 Swiss Francs.  In addition, if you have dependant children you can also contribute 900 per child.

Tax Relief

If you have not already opened your account we strongly recommend you do so in order to maximise your tax relief and also your pension fund.  A single individual can benefit from approximately 2,600 in tax relief while a married couple with two children can benefit from 5,400.

SuisseRock Advisory Services are completely independent and work with all of the Swiss banks and insurance companies.  As a result we are able to advise you on which Third Pillar solution/provider is best suited for you and your family.

Find Out More

For further information about the Swiss Pension system, you can visit our page under “Our Services” in our main menu or simply view this page by clicking on the following link Swiss Pension Advice.

How To Open Your Account

Simply complete the below form and one of our advisors will contact you and talk you through your options.

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