Who wants to be a millionaire?

While living in the UK for most to be a member of the wealthy 1% is nothing more than a dream.  We hope that one day maybe we will win the lottery or scoop a jackpot on a TV Show.  Well if you are an expatriate living here in Switzerland why not make this dream a reality? Whether you are here for a 5 year period or looking to settle down and retire here in Switzerland you should still be…

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If you do one thing with your money in 2016 . . .

  Claer Barrett, FT Money Editor ©Clare Mallison January is a time for resolutions, making a fresh start and trying to avoid the bad habits of the past. A shortlived diet or a miserable week forgoing alcohol are the typical consequences. When it comes to our finances, how to gain pounds rather than lose them is the goal — but a long-term solution is needed for optimum health. Yet even those working in the financial services industry are often guilty…

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