Now that we have a decision, after two long campaigns, we can start to move on and ensure the UK is stronger than ever and remains to be a vital member of Europe.  How have our portfolios been affected?

They Got It Wrong

All of the major banks and institutions who priced in a remain vote this week, got it completely wrong.  Rather than be patient and wait for the decision they took a gamble and as a result the FTSE100 has fallen more than 5% and billions have been wiped off the UK market.  This will substantially impact our portfolios, even if we have other markets such as the US within them.  Wall Street Futures has also fallen by nearly 3% and again this will impact our returns for this year.


Panic SellingAs we all know, when investing our capital, there will always be periods of extreme volatility and unfortunate losses.  It is how we deal with these periods, which effect our investments over the long term.  Most clients of SuisseRock are investing for their retirement or children’s education or simply just have a long-term view.  This is key when trying to mitigate risk, while seeking positive returns, as we have seen today when trying to time the market even the so called experts can get it wrong.

While the banks are now opting for their plan B, which of course they already have up their sleeve, we should allow them to start earning their money.  They have already liquidated large proportions of their own portfolios, which has caused the steep decline we see today.

Rather than liquidate our own positions, we should ride out the storm and not realise losses.  As history shows us, inevitably markets do correct and bounce back once the dust has settled.


Todays decline in European and US markets is simply an opportunity.  With every market correction investors can make millions on the rebound and we can do the same but granted not on the same scale.

If you have capital sitting in your UBS or Credit Suisse accounts earning you 0 or negative interest, now is the time to ACT and take advantage of this situation.  Investing now will allow you to enter the market and buy units at much lower rates and over time you can be confident that you will achieve healthy and positive returns.

Where to start

Where to startIt is easy for us to say now is the time to invest but how do you go about this?

There are two ways you can choose to invest your capital.  You can either invest a one off lump sum or a fixed amount every month over the long term or maybe a combination of these two strategies.  Which ever you decide to do you should always seek advice on which is better suited for your risk appetite and time horizon.

This is where we help our clients.  We can asses your attitude to risk and offer guidance on where you should invest your capital.  SuisseRock do not manage their own funds so we only have our clients best interests at heart.  We work with all of the world leading banks and institutions which allows us to offer bespoke portfolio advice tailored around your individual goals and financial objectives.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained 

Contact us today and organise your complimentary introduction meeting with one of our advisors.  We will be able to advise you on the next steps you should take regardless if you choose to work with us or your existing bank or advisor.

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